Veronica Ruiz Del Vizo Built A Bootcamp, “Transforma Tu Instagram En 21 Días,” That Is Teaching Entrepreneurs How To Maximize Their Social Media Presence

Veronica Ruiz Del Vizo, Marketing Strategist and young global leader of the World Economic Forum, had to create her own destiny as a Latina in the United States. Through hard work, perseverance, and confidence in herself and her true potential, she has become a self-made businesswoman who continues to dream, do, learn, and teach every single day. Veronica was always passionate about strategic communications and teaching, and has years of experience teaching online courses. However, in 2020, she knew that she had to make some changes. After running digital campaigns for renowned brands, she decided to combine her years of experience working with clients with her experience in education, so that she could create a new product. Now, she is focused not only on her online academy that teaches entrepreneurs to go beyond that which is taught in school, but also has her own agency, “Team Remoto.”

A few years ago, Veronica co-created an e-learning platform called DAR, in which people from all over the world could access online classes with professionals with over 10 years of experience. Now, Veronica runs a digital agency, “Team Remoto,” and, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, created a successful online course called “Bootcamp Transforma Tu Instagram en 21 Días,” which translates to “Bootcamp Transform Your Instagram in 21 Days.” 

“This online course consists of accompaniment throughout the process, practical exercises, live classes, and virtual classrooms, which allow the Bootcamper to live an unforgettable interactive experience online,” explains Veronica. 

The Bootcamp is a safe working environment, where students can feel free to be themselves and work together. While the Bootcamp is online, mostly on platforms like Zoom and Whatsapp, Veronica teaches individuals how to transform their social media and digital presence in a way that helps reach their audience in a more clear and effective way. From creating a clearer narrative, to reaching and connecting with more people, to learning how to collaborate with other accounts and mastering elements of graphic design, the Bootcamp offers everything you need to have a flourishing online presence. Furthermore, Veronica offers all of this valuable information at a very affordable price, and the information can be accessed from anywhere in the world.   

“All of my businesses are based on a Team Work philosophy and this year gave me the chance to build a new working group with people from all around the world, from Venezuela to Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Miami, Argentina, gathering many cities and talents that had worked with pure passion, purpose and fun!,” says Veronica. 

At the beginning of the Bootcamp’s launch, 215 people registered within the first 3 days. With a higher outcome than initially expected, Veronica used all the tools at her disposal. Now, during the final mile of the year, they have 3 levels, the last which is certified by the IESA, a renowned management school. Veronica is proud to have more than 10,000 students, a staff of 150 people, 85% attendance, and a turnover of $1M without any advertising.

“This is a vivid example of destroying to rebuild. The Bootcamp could not have been as successful if I had settled for what I had been doing for years and had not looked for a way to evolve and differentiate myself. Your disposition increases when you are clear about the reward. When we know what we can win and what we can lose, our sense of urgency increases and creativity is triggered,” states Veronica. 

Through her work, and specifically the Bootcamp, Veronica wants to continue to inspire entrepreneurs to go for their dreams. Hence, she will continue working hard to give the community tools and knowledge so that they can succeed in their business. 

To learn more about “Bootcamp Transforma Tu Instagram En 21 Días”, check out Veronica’s webpage and follow her on Instagram here.