LauraVanFit, A Colombian Model, Found The Secret Of How To Grasp And Hold People’s Attention On Social Media. Here Is How She Did It.

Today there are infinite possibilities to create a business. Some stand out for their skill in the kitchen and are famous chefs or pastry chefs, others are people who, through their videos on Youtube, manage to accumulate millions of subscribers who see their content. Other people manage to stand out with their physical beauty and become influential in the world of fashion where they manage their career through the Instagram platform. 

Laura Van, better known on social media as LauraVanFit is a 23-year-old Colombian model and influencer, who lives in Miami and who advertises through different social networks, mainly Instagram. 

“My content is based on photoshoots and video shoots focused on fitness, sensuality and fashion and incorporating the different brands I model for.” Laura explains.

She has turned her image and her name into her personal brand, collaborating with other brands that feel an affinity with her. That is to say, they feel identified with the message she transmits through social networks. Laura says that social networks are a powerful and indispensable tool to reach all corners of the world.

“When I reached a certain number of followers, I realized that I could take advantage of this to make many things known through my image and content and that I could make collaborations with other brands and models to enhance this great tool for advertising. I began to generate good income through advertising on my social networks and this motivated me to continue growing and working every day on my content to make myself known more and that more brands want to work with me. When I started I never thought that one day I would be able to live from this, everything was flowing in an unexpected way and when I discovered it I started to dedicate more to my networks and my content until I turned it into my full-time job.” Laura remarks.

Around the world, lots of people are having the same idea as Laura and lots of people have many different types of social media that grab for their attention. This is one of the biggest challenges posed to Laura who knows that she must find ways to reach people.

“The biggest challenge to grow as a model and influencer is to find the type of content that the public will like in order to generate a good engagement and gain followers since there are millions of influencers in the world so you have to find something that makes you different or that calls attention to you in order to stand out and grow in the networks. You also have to be very active and create a lot of content to provide your followers day by day and that your personal brand remains in constant growth.” Laura states.

In an industry where there is so much competition, Laura is different from the others because of her various networks and lifestyles.

“I am involved in various lifestyles in my networks: the world of fitness, sensuality and fashion. I make my photos, publications, and fitness videos not only show the exercise routine, but also sensuality through my body, fashion through what I wear, and health through the products I consume. It’s the perfect combination for people who want to look and feel good inside and out.” Laura comments.

In the coming months, Laura has a lot planned. She is also hoping to continue to diversify her portfolios so that she can continue to try new things.

“I would like to have a brand of a product with which I identify and can show and promote through my networks, which is already in progress. I think it is important to diversify when generating income since it is quite good to have different sources of income. I want to manufacture products in Colombia to support the economy of my country and bring it to the U.S. Colombia offers very good quality in their inputs and products.” Laura says.

If you want to know more about LauraVanFit, you may check out her instagram here.