How 25 Year Old Tanner VanValkenburg Is Traveling Around The World While Making Big Money Off Instagram

Tanner VanValkenburg is a talented photographer, who at 23 years old, decided he did not want to work for anyone but himself. At that age, he dropped out of film and photography school and started his own online Instagram business. That was the bed decision he ever made, as he was able to pursue his passion for photography, all while being his own boss. Once he was able to figure out the best way to use Instagram for his business, his income skyrocketed. Now, Tanner has created a 6 figure online business only using Instagram, all within less than 7 months and while traveling around the world. 

By taking a different approach to photography, Tanner worked with brands and hotels all over the world, which allowed him immense freedom. With his own experience using Instagram to scale his business, he now serves a coach and mentors others on how to grow their Instagram account for their brand and business. Furthermore, he also coaches students who want to learn how to make Instagram a full time income and quit their 9-5 job. “If they do everything I teach in less than 12 months they are able to quit and  be full time on instagram,” states Tanner. 

Tanner’s Instagram business has several components. First, Tanner has a consulting and mentorship program in which he works one-on-one with entrepreneurs on how to grow their Instagram account and make real money from Instagram. Second, he has a full course on how to grow from 0-100k followers, all of which are organic. Tanner also offers an agency side in which he grows the brand business or individual accounts on his own as hands-off service. Furthermore, Tanner also has a team that is dedicated to growing accounts, which he then sells to brands or business owners. 

“A lot of Instagram growth people sell you fake followers and promise you the world. I keep it very real and honest when it comes to growing their accounts and doing it the right way. I would rather have a business with 10,000 followers that are true fans and help your business, rather than 500k that are fake and leave you without a true following. My results with Instagram growth, if you follow and put in the work, come very quick,” states Tanner. 

Tanner recognizes that starting your own business is not an easy task, but the hard work pays off. Like Tanner says,“People often just see the highlights on instagram of me traveling and making money off Instagram, but they don’t see the 12-14 hours of work I put in that day or staying up until 2-3 in the morning working on projects and growing accounts and creating my business.” While there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes, Tanner chose having his own business so that he could have the freedom to spend time with his family and travel anywhere and whenever he wants. When asked about the biggest challenges in starting a business, Tanner shared:

“I would say the mindset when you lose a client or customer and just having the good head space that there are more companies and businesses that need your help. Finding the right mentor will help you grow and scale your business.” 

For the upcoming year, Tanner plans to scale his online course to 7 figures, while coaching and teaching 100+ businesses or individuals how to grow their Instagram account and make a full time living from it. Hence, Tanner will continue to help businesses grow and blow up their Instagram accounts so that they can have a bigger online presence and increase their income from their online businesses. 

For those who are planning on starting their own businesses, Tanner shares: 

“My advice would be to do what you love and make a business out of it. If you are happy that’s the most important thing, chase your dreams.”

To learn more about Tanner and how you can make a living off Instagram, make sure to follow him on his official Instagram account, and check out his webpage